Wireless Dog Fences

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Wireless Dog Fences

Submitted by: Johnson McBrady

Wireless Dog Fence: The Way to Save Time, Money, and Your Dog

Pets are just like humans, they have to be kept safe, too. With a wireless dog fence, man’s best friend can be safe even without the physical fence. Not only are you keeping your pet contained in your yard, you are also training them to follow instructions. As long as they already understand simple commands such as sit and stay, the wireless dog fence should work well for your pet. Installation is easy and can be done in minutes. You can even bring it along with you when you, your family, and your pet would go camping or go on a vacation. You can use it outdoors and even indoors.

Containing Your Dog

If your dog is an innate escape artist, and you want to contain him in your backyard, then a wireless dog fence is a great solution. The wireless dog fence will give your pet enough room and space to play and exercise. While keeping your pet from wandering off, this new product also teaches him to be well-behaved. It teaches your dog to respect boundaries. Of course, it will take time, usually several weeks before your pet is trained properly, but with consistency and supervision, the training effort will pay off. Flags are initially used, installing them on selected boundaries. At this time, the stimulus level should be kept at the minimum level. You may also start the training by leashing him at first, constantly guiding him but leaving him on his own to discover the boundaries. Once he reaches the border line, a signal will be emitted from the transmitter to get his attention telling him that he is leaving his safe zone.

What Keeps Them Happy

A wireless dog fence is the reason for the smiles of many dog owners who use them. It is the popular product in this highly technological world of today. Despite it being technologically savvy, it is also light on the budget. A wireless dog fence is the best option and solution to the universally widespread dog owner problem. Without any wires to bury and poles to install, the wireless dog fence is gaining popularity from more dog owners. It is handy, portable, and can contain an unlimited number of dogs as long as they all have the receiver collar. The wireless dog fence requires simple setup saving you time, money, and effort. He can roam around within a secure area.

You Should Be Happy Too

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Invisible Dog Fence Flavors

dogfence 2Your Favorite Flavor?

There are several different flavors of containment systems for dogs. Many pet owners choose  “invisible dog fences”. Many people feel these fences are safe, as well as inexpensive compared to traditional physical fences. Take the underground fence as an example. The wires are concealed under the ground and enclose the perimeters of your property. Your pet is fitted with a collar that sends a correction in the form of a beep, vibration or static pulse when it goes near the enclosure. Another style is called a wireless or wifi system, that creates a circular containment area around your property.

The underground -wire dog fence is a cost-efficient device compared to traditional fencing. All you need to do is to bury the cables from one to six inches below the surface. No need to purchase materials or hire many workers to construct a traditional fence. Although there needs to be training of the dog before use, most dogs learn to distinguish and understand the boundaries in less than one month.

You just have to train the dog properly for good results. The wireless system is absolutely invisible so that any fear of obstruction to your landscape, garden, or front view of your house is never a concern. It can be arranged in such a way that you can even create multiple “no-dog zones”on your property. These areas would stay off-limits to animals while leaving other space totally free for them to roam.

Stubborn Dogs

Unfortunately, some strong-willed  dogs are difficult to properly train for a fence like these, and are capable of getting through the invisible dog fence because of their dominant prey instincts. This will entail stronger levels of correction for dogs that continuously violating the boundary. All dogs are individuals and learn at different paces,  and cannot be treated as a one-size-fits-all when training for the wireless or underground fences. Relatively few pets are totally un-trainable.

Be Tip Aware

There are a few tips to keep in mind, some basic  requirements and maintenance for fences. Here are some examples:

  • It is important to monitor the lifespan of batteries every six months and replace when necessary.
  • The collar should be fitted around the dog’s neck properly so it won’t  accidentally fall off.
  • The perimeter fence should be far from the dog house.
  • The dog must be at least three months old before you can train your puppy.
  • Your pet must be capable of walking on a harness and perceive fundamental commands such as sit down, stay or continue before fence training .

The great majority of people that try the invisible and wireless dog fences are extremely pleased with the results they get. These type of solutions are well worth looking into.

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What To Expect – Pet Containment Fences

Calling Adogfence 1ll Pet Owners

The time will come for pet owners to look into and/or purchase a containment system. No matter what kind of dog fence it will be, your main goal is to prevent pets from running away. Buying the product is easy to do if you have made up your mind as to the type of fence that you want to use. The more important issue here is that the proper choice of fence will help the dog owner achieve his or her goals in containing.

Many professional dog specialists assert that is will be beneficial in the long run to hire a legitimate trainer who is well-versed with the dog fence systems or even the electronic or citronella dog collar devices. However, few dog restraint firms maintain regular trainers in their workforce so your option is to do the training personally. Besides, it is more affordable if you conduct the coaching on your own.

How Tough Will It Be?

Dogs have a lot of similarities to humans so it is really not difficult to do the training. It only requires time, patience. Understanding the reasons for the dog’s natural behavior and what motivates animals to be more receptive to commands. With the emergence of concepts like positive reinforcement and rewards or treats, dog training has become more manageable. Of course, the dog fence is a vital tool.

Even before you implement the dog fence approach, it is necessary to familiarize your pet with the borders of your property. You may even make use of flags or conspicuous markings for the peripheries of your home. These boundaries will be the point where there will be no beeping or mild shocks from the dog collars. If the dog goes beyond, the collar will emit those warnings alerts.

Take One Step At A Time

When it hears the beeping signal or correction, it should stay away from the boundary and go back to the core of your yard. This procedure usually takes one full week. The next phase is to fasten a long harness to your dog and ask someone to go to the edge. If the dog follows the person and tries to cross, the procedure will have to be repeated from the beginning. The intensity of the correction can be adjusted to control the dog and stop it from crossing the invisible fence. This has to be perfected to make sure that the dog passes the training. You need to educate the dog regarding this dog fence.

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Wireless And Electronic Dog Fences

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How to Select a Wireless Dog Fence

Submitted by: Russ Elderman

If you are planning to get a system to effectively keep your dog at, then your best choice would be a wireless dog fence. A wireless dog fence can remove the need for a leash or even physical fences. However, your dog will still remain in the play area you have designated for him. The idea of having an invisible fence is making a lot of pet owners interested, and there are now several wireless dog fence systems out there. If you are picking one for your dog, here are some tips:

Look for a transmitter with adjustable range. Central to the workings of a wireless dog fence is the transmitter. It is the source of the signal that will be broadcasted around your property. Since the signal will mostly be circular, it is best to pick a transmitter that will allow you to set the maximum range for your property. Let?s face it. Most lots are not circular in nature, and they are usually wider that they are longer (hence, we don?t have side yards). To be able to get the most playing area for your pet will definitely be welcomed.

Moreover, make sure that making the adjustment would be easy too. Part of what makes a wireless dog fence so popular is the fact that it takes only hours to set up. Therefore, you need to find a system with the least switches and controls to look into.

Pick a safe receiver

The purpose of the receiver in a wireless dog fence is to determine whether a dog is on the boundary zone. If the receiver gets a significantly weak signal or does not get any signal at all, it will trigger a mild static correction to the dog. In this light, ensure that the receiver bundled in the system has a warning sound before it delivers the static. Ensure too that the company assures the safety of the static and that it will not harm your dog. A good indication about the safety of the device is the ability to adjust the levels. You should be able to pick a level that will still be comfortable for your dog.

It must give you the ability to train your dog

Though most of the wireless dog fences available out there are advertised as pet containment systems, there are those that offer to train your dog to remain in an area on his own control. Apart from the warning sound on the receiver, you should also receive a set of boundary flags to serve as early warning devices. Upon seeing them, your dog will know that he is nearing the boundary and will proceed to the other way.

Check if a system offers not just an operating manual but also an actual training booklet to train your dog. They are systems that recommend installing the receiver only to dogs weighing over eight pounds and could understand simple commands. The training regimen that they suggest would even last less than hour per day and emphasize the dog?s ability to associate visuals and sounds to a consequence. Most of all, they always remind owners to reward their dogs when they have successfully stayed in the same area.

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