5 Things To Consider Before Buying An Underground Dog Fence

5 Things to Consider Before Buying An Underground Dog FenceUnderground dog fence is also commonly known as invisible fence and hidden dog fence. This kind of installation tool is the most popular way of confining your dog in your alley with safety in mind.

However, not all manufacturers selling invisible dog fences assure that your pet will be securely and safely kept when the equipment has been set up. The reality is, all dog fences powered by battery work in similar approach wherein the transmitter generates a signal that travels in the cable installed along the alley. The neckband get the signals and makes a beeping sound that shocks the dog once it goes close its limitation.

Buying an underground pet enclosure is a great investment not only in the safety and well being of your pet, but will give you peace of mind too. Underground dog fence products are a large item on the pet store as they offer a safe and simple way to ensure your dog keep out of harm’s way. There are various kinds of items to research on and choose from in the market, so apart from online reviews, this article will help you determine many significant factors when buying an underground dog fence.

Sometimes it could be hard to determine what to search for in an underground dog fence product.

The Reputation Of The Product And The Company

The  first thing you have to consider is the reputation of the underground dog fence you are planning to purchase from. The most popular and respected company named” Invisible Dog Fence”. Other highly reliable and reputable brands include PetSafe and Innotek, installation is quite easy because of their user-friendly guides. Aside from these agencies, there are many other small companies that have not been around and have no time and resource to make products which has caught on in the market. Because of this, you have to make your own research, check testimonies, reviews, etc. on the companies mentioned above, because they will surely suit your demands very well.

Size Of the Yard And Your Dog

Another factor you have to consider is the size of your dog and your yard. You have to be extremely specific when looking into diverse makes and models of the underground dog fence, as most are made for smaller dogs. Likewise, some are made towards smaller yards. You have to ensure that the model and brand you are looking can accommodate your dog. Most commonly taken for granted is the size of the place you are planning to contain your pet . A lot of pet owners often overlooked this fact, and get stuck with a dog fence installation which does not suit their demands.

Some more reasonable models of underground electric dog fence simple project a radio signal in a round pattern to a specific diameter. Meaning, when you have a rectangular or square shaped courtyard, this system will perhaps not work extremely well for you. Other systems are required you to bury cables in your backyard to install the containment area. This is suitable for household with odd shaped backyards, or bigger yards, as you can specifically restrict where your pet can and cannot wander off to.


“You get what you pay for” and there is no different when it comes to buying an underground dog barrier products. It is extremely tempting to browse online and purchase a basic tool for $100 or less. You have to keep in mind the safety of your pet, and you have to be confident that the system is going to do its task. The brand of invisible dog enclosure is costly, However with that additional cost you are getting the peace of mind from having an advance dog containment system which you don’t want to constantly worry about. You do not need to overlook other models and brands as well as the price points, all you need to do is to ensure you take time and do a proper research when you select to purchase a cheaper or reasonable model and at the same time ensure it will suit your needs.


There are kinds of underground dog barricades available on the market today and each kind has its own features. There is an electric underground dog fence with remote, and there is also an underground dog fence which doesn’t have a remote control. It is all up to you to choose the one you think appropriate for you and for your dogs need. Just make to sure to check underground dog fence reviews and other guides.


There are many brands of underground dog containment system to choose from. To get the best one, you have to read reviews, assess the features, and the reliability of the brand. Ensure that it also offers a warranty.

Advantages Of Underground Dog Fences

– Much less costly than standard fencing, even when you hire someone for underground dog fence installation.
– Some places never allow traditional fences
– Underground pet barrier leave your courtyard more attractive and open, and do not ruin the view
– Typical dog barricades are not reliable, pets like to dig under them, climb or jump over them, and escape in open gates.
– When a typical fence already exists, an electric underground dog fence could be added to handle these issues.

A lot of underground dog fence collars deliver a tone as an alert to your pet which he is getting very near to the boundary. When your dog doesn’t heed the sign, a slight shock is administered in the collar. The shock that the collar produce is not painful and will teach your dog a lesson. After the training is done, the sign or warning tone is normally enough to stay your pet away from the boundary.


Underground dog containment systems  are very common with dog owners who want to give their pet the freedom to play and run in a confined and safe area.

It comes with electric cable installation that is buried invisibly along the border of the area desired. The cable gives a slight signal which sends messages to a particular collar that your dog will wear. As your dog approaches the perimeter, the device will produce a sound, followed by slight electric shock.

Selecting the best underground dog fence could be confusing, as of the wide selection of such products are now available in the market today. Good quality pet-barrier are sold by some of the most renowned and reputable companies in the industry.

The key to buying the right product is reading underground dog fence reviews. Also, the details listed above will enlighten you when it comes to right things to consider when you buy an underground fence for dogs. This will be a good investment for you and for your pet for a lot of years to come.